Stem. London. 5th July 2018

Salmon, elderflower
Green bean and chive tart
Scallop & green tomato
Allotment vegetables, parmesan water
Tomato salad, seaweed and butter milk
Cornish mussels, tomato and Thai broth
Smoked chicken tortellini, leek heart, truffle and lovage (with Australian black truffle)
Roast saddle of lamb, artichoke, courgette and basil
Pink elderflower granita, cream cheese and barley
Strawberry, avocado and camomile



5 Princes St, Mayfair, London W1B 2LF
Phone: 020 7629 9283
Mark Jarvis is one of the London’s most undervalued chefs. I am sorry about that as what he does is simply amazing, he just simply doesn’t scream for attention – he just does his job. And he does it greatly.
After years of learning at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Texture and some other acclaimed restaurants, where he stayed at each two years, not just a few weeks, like many young chefs today (which allowed him to build a deep knowledge and learn responsibilities) he has first opened the multiple awarded Anglo, that was followed by Neo Bistro and in May this year Stem. Mark is beside being a great chef also an excellent talent scout – all his venues are headed by young chefs of a great talent.
Anglo, Mark’s flagship restaurant in Farringdon is an English response to bistronomy. Chef who is a master of creating a beautiful balance with unusual flavour combinations and loves to play with textures is at Anglo offering one of the best value tasting menus in London. When he opened Neobistro in Mayfair, many people said Mayfair was too conservative for that. And yet it worked. It is a fantastic casual eatery with surprising dishes and beautiful selection of wines.
Now we got also Stem. Stem is also located in Mayfair but is more elegant in the concept than previous two places. It is headed by  Sam Ashton-Boot, ex- head chef at Anglo and before that at Story. Dishes are not only beautiful but also super delicious. Great quality of ingredients that burst with flavour and freshness are prepared and paired with a great sensibility and technical skills to perfection. Pure pleasure to indulge in them with every bite. But what I love most in all three Mark’s places is honesty. You don’t see it only in the price tag, but also in every dish you try. They don’t need to appear – they just are: great!
If you haven’t been there yet, what are you waiting for? Mark’s restaurants are still between my favourites in London. All of them.

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