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grahkoHdG  web-zine  is built as a puzzle  – 55 chefs have been featured already and the number is growing. The chef’s profile is created slowly through different short features written specially for HdG by each of the featured chefs. These features enable us to explore the world of food through different subjects and people:

You can compare different views of chefs through different subjects – here is the initial Favourite Flavour:  http://hautdegamme.net/category/stories/

Or you can explore everything about a chef or a restaurant through our directory: https://hautdegamme.net/directory/

Chefs/restaurants are my personal choice which is not based only on cooking (even if that is of course primal) but includes a much wider combination of factors, between them their ethics.

HdG includes also fabulous meals (selection of the best lunches/dinners I had since the site was created), sustainability,  news and many other features (explore them in the menu of the site).

Enjoy exploring!

About Andreja Lajh & Haut de Gamme Ltd

andrejaI spent more than 15 years working in advertising for some of the leading international advertising agencies before deciding to change my life’s journey and get engaged with the world of food which I have been in love with since a very early age. My creative background is visible also through the concept of my page which is rather innovative (short features which you combine into longer units based on your personal interest) as well as my general approach to every project I am involved with.

My food-related activity started in Slovenia and Italy in 2010.  I worked with chefs, winemakers and food producers being in charge of communication and events.

In summer 2013 I moved to London with a great desire to grow and expand. Here I am still today enjoying this world and developing creative ways of communicating, building relations in the international food scene, and connecting and developing new projects.
This web-zine is only the tip of the iceberg. Haut de Gamme is besides being an online media also an agency developing food-related projects and supporting selected chefs in boosting their international careers through different projects, communication and events. With Haut de Gamme I am also working with some of the most amazing chefs located on different continents, supporting them in building their international career and recognition. I love food, but I love even better the amazing people I am working with – the chefs, producers and journalists. I am also proud to have been one of the members of the World Restaurant Awards judging panel, an amazing project by Andrea Petrini (Gelinaz) and Joe Warwick, that was awarding real talent and efforts all around the world, giving visibility also to less acclaimed but exceptional people.
Please feel free to contact me if you are a chef, a restaurant owner, a farmer, a food producer or in any other way related to food wanting to explore what can I do for you. My approach is always “tailor-made”. You can contact me in English, Italian, German, Slovenian, Serbian or Croatian language.
Enjoy HdG!
Andreja Lajh, founder of HdG
HdG is offering also photography services (by Laura LP): https://hautdegamme.net/hdg-photography/
For press enquiries regarding chefs I am working with please contact: andreja.lajh@hautdegamme.net, for any info or press enquiries regarding JRE UK & Ireland please write to: andreja@jre.eu