Neobistro. London. 7th June 2017

Venison Chorizo and Hunter Sausage
Cured pork and Seaweed Butter
Cornish crab with courgette and confit lemon
Beetroots with duck and cherries
Fresh cheese with smoked potatoes and walnut
Red Mullet, orange and squid
Anjou Pigeon, spiced lentils and green strawberries

Missing picture: Herdwick Lamb, smoked eel and turnip and Isle of Wight tomatoes, dashi and shiso

La Fromagerie cheese, walnut bread (missing on the picture) and apricots
Chocolate with malt


11 Woodstock St, Mayfair, London W1C 2AE
Neobistro opened its doors at the beginning of this month and is a brainchild of Alex Harper, ex-Harwood Arms head chef (in the kitchen) and Mark Jarvis (head chef of Anglo, as consultant). Two young extremely talented chefs decided to bring fresh breeze into the more conservative Mayfair with a place that offers a very pleasant relaxed atmosphere and delicious food inspired by Parisian neobistros but married with a British soul.
Alex is cooking the food he really loves and you can feel this in every bite. He is not only a cook. One of his passions are cured meats and he is producing some really fantastic delicacies. Start your meal with his chorizo, hunter sausage and the cured pork – they are so delicious! Also the dishes that follow show a secure hand in the kitchen and a palate that knows to balance the flavours and textures creating dishes which are highly enjoyable. I loved all of them, but I specially enjoyed the Cornish crab with courgette and confit lemon and Fresh cheese with smoked potatoes and walnut – they both are very intense and utterly delicious and I would happily return every day to enjoy those two – I think I could get addicted. The creamy lemon confit plays so nicely with the sweetness of the crab and the creaminess and intensity of the cheese is together with walnuts raising the smoked potato and calçot onion to the status of the highest delicacy. Also the meat dishes were great (highest quality of ingredients and perfect cooking) but I find Alex’s vegetable dishes even more exciting.  I should return. I am very much looking forward to see the new menu when it changes – actually I can’t wait to be back!

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