Love Sakè? Don’t miss the #SamuraiTakeOver at Enoteca Pomaio in London!

The #SakeSeven are a group of seven craft Japanese Sakè brewers who are considered like Samurai roaming around the world and spreading the culture of this amazing rice wine with a “white and pure soul”.

The brothers Rossi, owners of the Pomaio winery and wine bar, travelled to Japan to meet the #SakeSeven in their homeland in March. They were so amazed and impressed by the common view shared between them and the Pomaio family that it was easy to let them TAKE-OVER Enoteca Pomaio once they decided to visit London.

#SamuraiTakeOver is a simple tasting event and tour among the amazing world of Japanese Craft Sakè, inspired by a common friend and writer Gae Saccoccio.


4 Craft Sakè tastings (out of 8 available), explained directly by the Sakè brewers
4 Craft Wines explained by our top Tuscan Sommelier Luca Degl’innocenti
accompanied by a plate of Tuscan nibbles.

The breweries and Sake list (the sake list may change based on availability due to the really small production, but the breweries will remain unchanged).

Brewery: Ibaraki Shuzou
Blend name : Rairaku
Sakè name 1 : Rairaku Junmaiginjo 58
Sakè name 2 : Rairaku Hananokura Junmai Gekkabijin (Unpasterized)

Brewery : Tajime
Blend name : Chikusen
Sakè name 1 : Chikusen Konotori Junmaidaiginjo
Sakè name 2 : Chikusen Yamadanishiki Jumaiginjo Murokanamagenshu

Brewery : Daishinshu Shuzou
Blend name : Daishinshu
Sakè name 1 : Daishinshu Inabikari
Sakè name 2 : Daishinshu Teippai

Brewery : Yoshimurahideo-Shoten
Blend name : Kurumazaka
Sakè name 1 : Kurumazaka Daiginjo
Sakè name 2 : Nihonjo Negoro

When: The tasting starts on 8th July at 6:30 pm and will end once the Sakè bottles are empty.

Where: Pomaio,  224 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA, Phone: 02032220031

Ticket: 15£ per person.

Seats are limited, so book your table asap!


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