Taberna do Mercado. London. 24th April 2017

Bread and smoked butter
Mackerel alimada with the beautiful freshness of cilantro
Pig’s ears and pink Florida grapefruit – so indulgent!
Grilled cod head with smoked cod broth
Presa Ibérica with turnip tops


Cuttlefish with pigs trotters coentrada
Pork bifana, yeast mayo and fennel. When you are not hungry anymore, but you can’t resist the flavours.
Pão de ló (Olive oil & runny egg sponge cake) – my favourite dessert at Taberna
Abade de Priscos (Steamed egg yolk, pork fat & port caramel).

Taberna do mercado

Old Spitalfields Market, 107B Commercial St, London E1 6BG

Phone: 020 7375 0649


And here I was again after my first visit (November 2015) and another one which was not documented.

Every time I visit this place, it grows closer to my heart. It is a place which you fall in love with if you like genuinity, soulful people, delicious no fuss food, discovering new exciting wines and spending a pleasant evening (or lunchtime if you are lucky enough to work close by) in a lovely company. And please don’t misunderstand me – when I am talking about “no fuss” I don’t mean overly simple dishes. The food is made for you to relax and enjoy it with no fuss, but created with the greatest care and passion using the best and freshest ingredients. You will encounter a great wealth of flavours with lots of umami, with the beautiful freshness of cilantro, the delicious sweet crispiness of pig trotters and ears and many other simple but delightful elements between the earth and the sea, prepared in the most delicious ways. While you are enjoying your dishes you will be served by some of the most cordial people in London. Already this is an experience for itself. The team of Taberna is very young (most of them are under 27 years old) but full of humbleness, love for food, life and their work. Every step of experience at Taberna do Mercado – from the welcome, over the dishes and the beautiful selection of artisan Portuguese wines – is worth the visit itself. Followed by a repetition. And another one. And one more ….

Andreja Lajh

One of the loveliest wines we had there: A beautiful blend of Loureiro (80%) and Vinhão (20%). Pale ruby colour, aromas of pink peppercorn, Morello cherry and earth. Spontaneous fermentation on the skins in beeswax-lined clay amphorae. Aged sur lie for three months before bottling. Only around 3000 bottles were made. Produced without electricity. 

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