How will we eat in 2050?

Redefining the future of gastronomy together: Project Gastronomía comes to London this April with a collaborative gastronomic symposium, Gastronomy & Multisensory Design 2050.

On April 19th 2018, a panel of 9 multidisciplinary world class experts will gather in London, with 70 members of the public, for an inclusive and interactive symposium on the future of food. The experts and participants will debate what they think the London Food Landscape will look like in 2050, taking into account its mains challenges and opportunities.

Together they will share their views on how multisensory design can create a shift for the future and discuss how creative and positive solutions can build sustainable food systems that are healthier for both people and the planet.

Do you have an idea for how to use food and gastronomy as a vehicle for change?

The future of gastronomy is a collaborative and collective journey and so the symposium, facilitated by internationally experienced foresight experts, Basque Culinary Center, Etch and Kitchen Theory, will be run through interactive workshops. Groups of participants will sit at round tables and be led by one of the gastronomic experts to discuss, share and generate innovative ideas. Together, each table will build a conceptual Artifact from the Future (a product, service or new business models) that would thrive in London 2050, something that will then be shared with Project Gastronomía’s network of collaborators and hopefully developed into something useful for the future.

Who is this for?

Gastro-scouts from progressive universities, research centres and other academic institutions, Gastro-makers from food and drink businesses and start-ups who work towards a more sustainable and healthier future of food and gastronomy, and engaged eaters willing to explore and rethink a better future.

This event is open to the public and will be held at Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green. Tickets costs £275 +VAT and include refreshments and a networking lunch

What is Project Gastronomía?

Project Gastronomía is an influential movement that is building a global network of multidisciplinary individuals, tourists, eaters, makers and organisations who care about the future of the food system. Created in 2016 by representatives from the Basque Culinary Center, IDEO, Azurmendi and Open Agriculture from MIT Media Lab, this collaborative project is growing day by day and seeks out creative ways by which we can cooperate globally to create a positive impact using food and gastronomy as a vehicle. The gastronomic symposium, Gastronomy & Multisensory Design 2050, has been supported by Marca Peru.

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