Ocean. Algarve. 6th March 2018

Alentejo olives | Cornbread
Chicken “Piri-Piri”
Xerem | Violet prawn from Tavira
Cataplana | Sagres Octopus | Sweet potato
Squids | Sea urchin | Crab – just served
Squids | Sea urchin | Crab
Atlantic Nori Bread | Goat milk butter
Langoustine | Carrots | Calamansi | Coconut
Line caught sea bass | Monks beard | Mussels
Monkfish | Lentils | Topinambur | Lardo
Black pork | Artichokes | Purple mustard | “Maghmour”
Pyrenees lamb | Broad beans | Mint | Onions
Pine seeds | Caramel | Citrus
Pineapple | Ginger | Avocado
Chocolate | Carob | Walnuts | Guava


Rua Anneliese Pohl, 8400-450, Porches, Portugal
Phone: +351 282 310 100


The location right at the ocean of Algarve, with a stunning view at the sea and limitless horizon open to the far lands, gave to this two Michelin starred restaurant not only name, but also the soul.

Hans Neuner, the executive chef, was born in Austria, but already at the young age fell in love with the sea, spending (after learning from some of the great names of the culinary world) quite some years as a chef at luxury cruises where he learnt to respect the sea and its wealthy pantry.

At the Ocean the main and endless inspiration is the sea itself as well the life conditioned by it. The Portuguese were sailors, conquerors of far lands who brought from those exotic places new flavours and traditions into the local cuisine. Hans cooks mostly with ingredients respectfully sourced from the ocean that spreads in front of him with flavours and techniques brought to Portugal from all over the world. His cuisine is very Portuguese but in the wide sense of the world – inspired by the far lands that were conquered by this country and prepared in a very contemporary way.

The love of ocean means also nurturing a deep respect for the environment and a mission to protect the habitat also for the further generations. With this in mind Hans and his team source the ingredients with sustainability in mind, supporting the small traditional fishermen and fighting against the aggressive exploration of the sea that is destroying the habitat of so many species.

Ocean in Portugal is a tempting invitation to a journey into the Portuguese culture and history through technically perfect and super delicious dishes by Hans Neuner and his excellent team.

Andreja Lajh

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