My favourite flavour. By Konstantin Filippou

Bacalao brandade

My favorite flavour is olive oil. Greek olive oil, to be precise.

The oil, its texture, taste, flavor and colour mean so much to me, it’s almost unbelievable. My kitchen is nothing without it.

Beside the fact, that it will always remind me of my father’s heritage, Greece, and the times I have spent there with him when I was a child, olive oil is accompanying me all the time. Like best friend.

I use it in all departments of my kitchen. In the starter section, for mains and for desserts. I also use it for seasoning, sometimes even instead of salt.

Often I have it as a snack in between and dip my home made malt bread into it. And smile when I do so.

Olive oil feeds me, makes me happy and comforts me. It brings back memories and inspires me for future dishes.

I wish to pass all these feelings forward to my guests – through my dishes. This way everything is in balance for me.

Konstantin Filippou, Restaurant Konstantin Filippou (Vienna, Austria)

Konstantin Filippou. Photo: Per-Anders Jörgensen


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