Norbert Niederkofler at Refettorio Felix in London

Refettorio Felix, the community kitchen in the Earl’s Court in London, which was founded in June by Massimo Bottura and the London-based food waste charity The Felix Project, was today headed by Norbert Niederkofler, chef of the 2 Michelin starred St Hubertus restaurant, located in the Rosa Alpina hotel in San Cassiano in Badia (Italy). Norbert is also the leader of the project Cook the Mountain and the event Care.

We have spent a few hours with him in the kitchen chatting and assisting him in plating for around 60 people who came to eat into the community kitchen today. After the lunch, Norbert shared with us his thoughts.

The idea of Refettorio Felix is not only to feed people, but to nurture them in the wider sense of the word. In the beautiful ambient of the Refettorio they get served delicious food prepared with care (using recovered food which could end as food waste), they encounter highly dedicated people and experience pleasure not only for palate but also the soul. Refettorio Felix is returning to people, who found themselves in unpleasant conditions, a bit of dignity and happiness.

What did Norbert and his sous chef Michele cook and serve today?

The starter was a beautiful risotto with tomato, topped with marinated white fish and finished with celery oil which gave to the dish a beautiful accent.


The main course was caponata served with grilled chicken breast.

Caponata with grilled chicken

The lunch was concluded with a Kaiserschmarn served with a grape compote and a delicious vanilla ice cream.


Bravo to Norbert for today, to Massimo Bottura for his engagement in creating a community kitchen like this and to all the chefs and volunteers who are helping in this project. The world needs more projects like this!

Andreja Lajh

Some more pictures from today:

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