The Gelinaz! Shuffle Countdown with Zaiyu Hasegawa (Den, Tokyo)


Name: Zaiyu Hasegawa

Home Restaurant: Den

Home Restaurant Location: Tokyo (Japan)

Gelinaz! Shuffle Location: Secret


Everybody loves Gelinaz.. What do you love best about it?

What I love best is meeting new people and making new friends. I am also very much looking forward to working together with the team of the restaurant and serving their guests.
Gelinaz! enriches us through experiencing different cultures, ingredients and cuisine. It’s a new world!

What are you looking forward to most for this  Shuffle?

I’m very much looking forward to meeting  the guests. It will be very exciting! Also – people really love the country where I’m travelling.

What’s your message for the guest Gelinaz chef who will cook at your kitchen?

Be good to our guests – they are all like family to me. They are really wonderful people. Please relax and enjoy cooking for them.



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