The Gelinaz! Shuffle Countdown with Daniel Burns (Luksus, NYC)


Name: Daniel Burns

Home Restaurant: Luksus

Home Restaurant Location: NYC (USA)

Gelinaz! Shuffle Location: Secret


Everybody loves Gelinaz.. What do you love best about it?

In my opinion, it is simply amazing that Andrea Petrini and Fulvio Pierangelini had the creative genius and stubborn ingenuity to pull off the first of these types of events … each one of them now helps to promote sharing, foster life-long friendships, they connect people and make associations from within the food world to within so many other creative disciplines. In short, GELINAZ! is expanding the world of, and helping to promote, culinary creativity. Personally, I love chef collaborations that go beyond simply guest chef appearances – and GELINAZ! exemplifies the beauty of making the seemingly impossible and amazingly wonderful, possible.

What are you looking forward to most for this  Shuffle?

I am so excited to visit a country that I have never been to before.  A country which has a very rich culinary history, diverse landscapes and a world of flavours and products that I have never experienced. I couldn’t be more excited for a culinary inspirational journey. It is also super exciting to be able to cook for some days with an entirely new restaurant team.

What’s your message for the guest Gelinaz chef who will cook at your kitchen?

I want them to feel really at home and most welcome; knowing that our team will help them in any way possible. We hope that he/she will have a truly memorable experience.



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