The Gelinaz! Shuffle Countdown with Philip Rachinger (Mühltalhof, Neufelden)

“Backerl & Bauch
“Backerl & Bauch” – trout cheek & belly Photo: Jürgen Grünwald

Name: Philip Rachinger

Home Restaurant: Restaurant Mühltalhof

Home Restaurant Location: Neufelden (Austria)

Gelinaz! Shuffle Location: Brussels HQ

Everybody loves Gelinaz. What do you love best about it?

I think I even didn´t realize that I´ll take part at the Brussel HQ! When I look at the line-up, it´s mindblowing! Imagine one kitchen full of top chefs, all of them interpreting dishes which are cooked worldwide on the same day! Ideas like this can come only from the one and only Andrea Petrini!


What are you looking forward for this year’s Gelinaz! Shuffle when you will be cooking in Brussels at the Gelinaz HQ?

I´m looking forward to cooking together with one of the most, maybe the most notorious Italian chef! And I´m very much looking forward to all the surprises happening in the kitchen when dishes are coming together just a couple of hours before the service. And of course I am also looking forward to the great company and to all the dishes and to seeing how the chefs who will take part are interpreting those ideas!


What would be your message to your fellow Gelinaz?

Enjoy life and dream big!

Photo: Jürgen Grünwald
Photo: Jürgen Grünwald

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