My Favourite Flavour. By Sat Bains

Duck Liver Muesli by Sat Bains (the recipe for which has 100ml of soy sauce although you can't really tell!)
Duck Liver Muesli by Sat Bains (the recipe contains 100ml of soy sauce although you can’t really tell!) Photo: John Arandhara Blackwell


This is a very difficult one as my flavour or at least my taste changes, not only with the weather but throughout the seasons, so I crave certain flavours or tastes at different times of the year.
I feel though soy sauce is my favourite flavour at the moment as its so adaptable (this may change to a vegetarian XO sauce we’ve worked on for about 3 months).
Soy for me is a perfect ingredient in dressings for salads or added to glazes. We’ve also incorporated it into a fudge at the restaurant to give a salted kick of flavour  – that really appeals to me.
I’ve even put it into that classic British favourite, fish and chips, cutting through the crisp fish batter that’s been cooked in beef dripping, with a splash of malt vinegar. It works wonders!!!
Sat Bains, Restaurant Sat Bains (Nottingham, UK)
Sat Bains. Photo: John Arandhara Blackwell

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