My favourite flavour. By Arnaud Bignon

Dishes by Arnaud Bignon for The GreenHouse Restaurant Mayfair
John Dory with fresh ginger and coriander powder. Photo: courtesy of Arnaud Bignon

I love coriander and I could put it anywhere, but it is a very intense and particular flavour so I have to be careful – not everybody loves it.

I used it last time with a John Dory which was slowly cooked with fresh ginger and a bit of coriander powder. This gives so much freshness to the fish! When you dry the fresh coriander you get complexity of a praline. I love it!

I also use the coriander seeds to do my own Dukkah spice mix with some hazelnut, almond and cumin, I use this mix for the monkfish dish with a butter “noisette”.

Arnaud Bignon, The Greenhouse (London, UK)

Arnaud Bignon. Photo: courtesy of The Greenhouse
Arnaud Bignon. Photo: courtesy of Arnaud Bignon

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