#4 Dispensa

doppia4A brand new issue of Dispensa magazine is now available for purchase. 

Dispensa is the first Italian indie bookzine, dedicated to food lovers and their universe, which tells authentic Italian tasty tales through lenses and words of selected authors and photographers.

Generi alimentari e Generi umani says the headline – in English foodstuffs and human stuff – taking all the necessary time and space to share stories with those who still love the tactile beauty of an editorial content, as old as paper.

This fourth issue is a pure ode to anomalies, eccentrics, weirdos and freaks, those who dare and go wrong, those who don’t care about rules and live their own way.


You might be puzzled at first blush: gourmets enjoying junk food, lady Vanity coming over for dinner, the kitchen as seen by heart, guts and brain – not to mention the guy who makes knives out of comet chunks, and, sure, the whisky-hunter. And also a lot of stories of mermaids and fishermen, and the Grand Gelinaz Shuffle told by the insider at Osteria Francescana in Modena.

On the front cover, a bait is floating in a Martini cocktail. It is meant for catching the most reluctant, curious, graceful, insatiable and demanding fish out there. Like Dispensa’s readers are.

Martina Liverani, the founder and editor of Dispensa

Click here to buy a copy of Dispensa.


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