Sea to table – Alfonso Caputo & Taverna del capitano (Italy)

Taverna del Capitano is located in the bay of Marina del Cantone

You could hardly find a more “from sea to table” restaurant than Taverna del Capitano, located right on the beach of Marina del Cantone, not far away from busy Naples which is literally living the life of the sea and closely collaborating with the local fishermen who bring fish here directly with their boats. The Michelin starred restaurant owned by the great family Caputo is in Italy well known. What describes best the family Caputo is honesty and cordiality. And this reflects wonderfully also in their food and hospitality which is unique.

Chef Alfonso Caputo_018
Alfonso Caputo lives in a strong connection with the sea …

Alfonso Caputo, the head chef, has a very close relationship with the sea. He loves swimming, fishing and diving to deeply explore the secrets of the sea that surrounds him. In the kitchen, even if he uses also other ingredients of his territory, he specially loves the ingredients from the sea which he handles with a great love and care to maintain the natural flavours. He often serves fish with head and tail – like in the old times – to show the freshness and to keep on plate the delicious flavours of the cheeks.

Chef Alfonso Caputo_019
Alfonso gets fresh fish sometimes even twice a day

Alfonso uses all the parts of the fish – also those which often finish in the waste. They are the real explosions of flavour. His secret dream is to create a dish to eat under the water … maybe in an underwater restaurant.

He has two fishermen who fish only for him. Sometimes they bring fish even twice a day and Alfonso is daily adjusting his menu based on the catch. The most loyal fisherman is Agostino whose family is collaborating with Caputo family since generations.

Loyal fishermen bring him always the best catch of the day

“I love and respect the local products which are outstanding. I am following the seasons and am in a deep symbiosis with the environment to represent the Mediterranean flavours and traditions in the best possible way,” says chef Alfonso Caputo.

Alfonso Caputo_027
Alfonso uses everything sea offers

I have to thank to my wonderful partners: the fishermen of the bay of Marina del Cantone: Agostino, Amerigo and Antonio; the farmers from Scafati, Gragnano and Massa Lubrense who supply me with best fruits and vegetables: Vincenzo, Rosalia e Menicuccio; to Mario, Antonio e Enzo from the regions of Caserta, Avellino and Benevento for wonderful meat. They all with their passionate and hard work allow me to offer to our guests experiences of unforgettable flavours and perfumes.”

All photos are courtesy of the Caputo family.

ombrina affumicata (2)
One of Alfonso’s signature dishes

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