Sillon. Biarritz. The 7th of October 2023

It happened in Biarritz.  Two guys – one chef and one musician – have created a magical Gelinaz event. The chef is Mathieu Rostaing Tayard, and the musician is David Chalmin.

The night before the event we all headed to Mathieu’s restaurant Sillon for dinner. And we experienced an explosion. It was slightly expected as Andrea Petrini was already talking about it, but it was still a full-blown explosion. Well, everybody is safe and the restaurant survived without any damage. The explosion happened in our mouths but it was strong, really powerful.

Mathieu doesn’t joke when he is cooking. He is playing like a child but with all the seriousness of a marathon runner. His dishes are compositions of super strong flavours that would in the hands of many other chefs hurt with sharp edges, but Mathieu deals with them masterfully creating beautiful harmonious compositions that linger on the palate and the soul with a really high and intense pleasure. We enjoyed between others Grand Roux corn crackers, sheep blue cheese and Nouc Mam salt / Smoked bonito with Buddha’s hand, Octopus, garlic and paprika from la Vera/ Grilled shrimps from Saint-Jean-de-Luz, lemon caviar / Pig trotters, garlic, bottarga / Red mullet with red wine, courgettes, Takanotsume chilli paste and majoram / Quince, cascara and sorbet of mango and Aji pepper etc. If you are not afraid of intensity and really super strong flavours that completely lack shyness, get on the plane now and book your table at Sillon. You can thank me later.

Andreja Lajh

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