Corn Yuzu Hot Sauce, the new flavour bomb from the noma’s test kitchen

At the heart of noma lies the test kitchen, where innovation, flavours, and new menus come to life. A few years ago, chef and owner René Redzepi challenged the test kitchen team, tasking each R&D chef to develop two unique and creative hot sauces over two days. Out of several strong contenders of varying heat levels and compositions, one recipe was chosen as the winner – Corn Yuzu Hot Sauce. Now, you can get your hands on noma’s own hot sauce through Noma Projects, bringing iconic noma flavours to your home kitchen. To date, noma has yet to use it in a menu at the restaurant, making it the first product released through Noma Projects to come straight out of the test kitchen.  

The secret behind this Corn Yuzu Hot Sauce lies in the vibrant and bright kick from yellow habaneros, ultra-fragrant yuzu zest, and the sweetness of corn. Each ingredient is gathered at the peak of its season, coming together during a very particular moment of the year. Yuzu fruits are harvested and preserved in winter when they are most aromatic. Sweet corn and fruity habanero chiles are harvested in the peak of summer along with the tender, green branches of the blackcurrant bush, which are infused to create fresh Blackcurrant Wood Oil (also featured in Forager’s Vinaigrette). These ingredients are blended to create a textured, fruity, and aromatic hot sauce that will be launched on the 19th of October.

For a limited time only, noma will offer the Extra Spicy Corn Yuzu Hot Sauce (100ml), available for purchase only as a bundle, along with 2 bottles of Corn Yuzu Hot Sauce (250ml). Made with three times as much habanero as noma’s full-size Corn Yuzu Hot Sauce, the Extra Spicy Corn Yuzu Hot Sauce packs just as much flavour but with a bit more heat.

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