Noma turns the Kyoto pop-up into a limited-edition publication

Noma’s most recent pop-up in Kyoto, Japan, will be documented in a limited-edition one-time magazine, released in late November 2023. Preorder is available from September 12th. 

When noma made the announcement of relocating their restaurant and team of one hundred to Kyoto for a ten-week pop-up, the news quickly spread like wildfire within the gastronomic community. The pop-up sold out within minutes, and for ten weeks in the spring of 2023, visitors from around the world flocked to Kyoto to immerse themselves in noma’s interpretation of Japanese ingredients and techniques while embracing local artisanry and design. This incredible experience took place during the enchanting Sakura season, highlighting noma’s extensive study of Japanese culture over the past decade.

For those who missed this highly sought-after event, there is now a chance to discover Kyoto through the eyes of noma. A limited-edition publication will offer personal stories, dispatches, travel notes, guides, and insights, sharing the team’s extensive research leading up to the opening. This one-time publication invites readers to delve into the essence of Kyoto and gain a deeper understanding of noma’s exploration and discoveries.

Starting as an idea born during lockdown in 2020, this extensive project was three years in the making and included many research trips to the region. Over those three years, the team extensively explored every corner of Kyoto, from mountains and temples to wineries, miso factories, noodle shops, Michelin-starred restaurants, hidden gems, and beyond. In 2023, the full team of over one hundred people descended upon Kyoto, each driven by their own curiosity for exploration. Individually and collectively, they embarked on day trips, weekend excursions, and deep dives into Kyoto’s vibrant restaurant, art, ramen, and coffee scenes, visiting the most noteworthy places worth experiencing.

This publication will be a truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind deep dive into Kyoto and its surroundings. It offers readers—food and culture enthusiasts, and anyone curious about Japan—an unparalleled insight that cannot be found elsewhere. Through enticing visuals, the team’s own experiences living in Kyoto, the dishes we created, the people we met, and the journeys we undertook, readers will gain a unique perspective that captures the essence of this remarkable city and beyond.


Let noma team be your guide:

— Sake for beginners and where to find natural wine in Japan, by noma head sommelier

— Where to eat, from holes-in-the-wall to Michelin-starred

— How to buy a Japanese knife, by noma head chef

— Hiking routes and weekend road trips, temples and gardens

— Guide to the flea markets of Kyoto, by noma resident stylist

— Kyoto and the tradition of kaiseki Kyoto, by noma resident stylist

— Kyoto and the tradition of kaiseki

— Things to do with kids, by Nadine Levy Redzepi

— The alchemical magic of koji and other molds and ferments

— Noma’s fermentation lab meets Japanese masters


Noma Kyoto Magazine is available for preorder on September 12th

The official publication month is November 2023. Price: DKK 250 / EUR 34 / USD 37

You can pre-order your copy here.


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