Fordwich Arms. Fordwich/Cantenbury. 15th of July 2021

In July, after the wonderful long walk from Canterbury to Fordwich, which took us through the beautiful Kentish forest and fields, we stopped at Fordwich arms for dinner.

This was my second visit at this lovely place. The first one happened in February 2018, few months after the opening. Already then food was delicious, but now it got even better. We went for the tasting menu.

After the super delicious snacks, we had a wonderful duck liver parfait served with warm doughnuts, light as clouds. This was definitely one of my favourites. Such a comforting dish – soft and warm an full of flavour!

This was followed by roast Orkney scallop with peas, grape and verjus. So happy we have ordered this additional dish! It was really delightful. I was tempted to take one more, but was afraid I couldn’t finish the dishes that would follow.

Then we had the delicious South Coast turbot with hen of the woods mushroom, almonds and fino sherry. Another delight!

The meaty main was super tender roast Middle White pork (with beautifully crispy skin on the pork belly) with apricot, carrot and smoked pork fat.

I am a bit less enthusiastic about the desserts. They were good but lacked something fresh in the middle. When eating the caramelised white chocolate, salted caramel and hazelnut parfait I wished the chocolate shell would be thinner (it was really hard to cut through) and that somewhere in the middle of the dessert there would be something fresh, acidic. Especially in the summer, most of us wish our desserts lighter, I think.

The petit four was chocolate again and my daughter read my mind when she said she was hoping to find something fruity in the middle at least in this one.

I paired all my dishes with the Jakot by Radikon which is at Fordwich arms served also by the glass. What a treat!

All in all, it has been an amazing dinner. Fordwich arms is a great restaurant to visit. Delicious food is served in a beautifully restored country pub or on the terrace in the back garden. And the walk from Canterbury to Fordwich arms is magical. Next time I will definitely do it again. Looking forward to my next visit – because of the walk and the restaurant!

Andreja Lajh

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