Gelinaz – Silent Voices: Richie Lin & Co in Taichung, Taiwan

Gelinaz are back. Dec. 3rd 2020 will see the return of the inimitable, culinary, international dining experience from the team at GELINAZ!. Once again, the collaboration is global, and this 4th edition is more soulful than ever. From Dec. 3rd, 130 chefs will remix, play, perform, Matrixes, ideas, menus, recipes, from locked down, in-betweener, silenced GELINAZ! chefs. And like last year, they will be staying at home (again), but this time, they will support their colleagues by giving voice to the Slient Voices. The Silent Voices are the Gelinaz chefs who had to permanently or temporary close their restaurants (for covid or other reasons). If you happen to live close by or can travel, do support this event and the hospitality in general. For any further information please do check GELINAZ.

I am looking forward to introducing the curators of the events in different countries. They will present also the chefs who they engaged into the projects. In Taichung (Taiwan), the Gelinaz will happen at JL Studio. The main curator is Richie Lin of Mume:

Why are you doing Gelinaz this time?
It’s there any better ones … !?
What is your concept?

I am the curator and responsible for organizing the whole Taiwan Gelinaz, so this year we wanted to bring back the OG, the Gelinaz shuffle spirit combined with the “Stay in” concept. So we will switch restaurants / cities within Taiwan, but we stay in the country. (Well .. we got no option .. even if we wanted to go overseas)

Why should people not miss it?
Because they know they would regret it when they see their friends having such a good time, we going to party like there is no tomorrow.
Who will cook together with you?

Ryogo from Logy and Pod from Coast.

Ryogo is so stiff and serious. I wanted to have him cooking outside of his comfort zone and have a bit of fun. He doesn’t usually leave his restaurant, so I am very glad that he said yes and is now leaving his restaurant (Logy) to the other 3 chefs (Jimmy, Takada and Fujimo)
Pod is the new handsome good looking chef that every girl wants now. So … I think that’s enough said.
You already received the matrixes. What was your reaction when you received them?
I was pretty happy when I received the matrixes, whoever wrote it left lots of room for us to create and express ourselves .. (I am just being nice, actually the matrix we received is simple as hell .. so we have to do it our own way anyway … the only thing we can take from it is ideas)

I would like to thank him for giving us freedom …. lol

How will you approach the matrixes?

We take the core idea , or ingredients that is available and just cook whatever we feel like, so we really have no boundaries, just to have fun.

What are you looking forward to and what is the greatest challenge?

Looking forward to see the happy faces in the dining room,

Greatest Challenge is to get our ingredients and recipes ready on time, I just received the matrix few dats days ago .. so we had less than 2 weeks to pull everything together. I can’t let the customers down.

After Gelinaz, what comes next? 

A Tequila shot 

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