Gelinaz – Silent Voices: Bo Songvisava, Dylan Jones & Co in Bangkok, Thailand

Gelinaz are back. Dec. 3rd 2020 will see the return of the inimitable, culinary, international dining experience from the team at GELINAZ!. Once again, the collaboration is global, and this 4th edition is more soulful than ever. From Dec. 3rd, 130 chefs will remix, play, perform, Matrixes, ideas, menus, recipes, from locked down, in-betweener, silenced GELINAZ! chefs. And like last year, they will be staying at home (again), but this time, they will support their colleagues by giving voice to the Slient Voices. The Silent Voices are the Gelinaz chefs who had to permanently or temporary close their restaurants (for covid or other reasons). If you happen to live close by or can travel, do support this event and the hospitality in general. For any further information please do check GELINAZ.

I am looking forward to introducing the curators of the events in different countries. They will present also the chefs who they engaged into the projects. In Bangkok, the curators are Bo Songvisava and Dylan Jones of Bo.lan:

Why are you doing Gelinaz this time? 

Because there is nothing better to do and it will be fun to get together with the chef friends and cook together.
What is your concept?
Why should people not miss it?
Because you got 8 cooks with no limitation and now it is a crucial time to support the restaurant industry.
Who will cook together with you?
David Thompson; He just opened a new place called Aksorn in Bangkok. His favourite colour is pink. He is such a legend in Thai culinary world, especially in culinary heritages.
Chef Prin;  Samrub samrub Thai; He loves passing on his knowledge onto next generation of Thais. Enjoys drinking to the max and stops when his wife says so. Super talented.
Chef Weerawat Triyasenawat: Samuay & Sons  / Mak Khang:  Fan of Midnight Martial Arts and willing to fight for his jungles.
Chef Tam Chudaree Debhakam: Baan Tepa: Young Dynamic sustainability-driven female chef (Formerly trained under Dan Barber)
Jo & Saki:  80/20 Boundary pushing innovative Thai cuisine. Experimental dishes rooted in tradition.
Garima: Gaa, HERE  she does corn really well! locally sourced personal cuisine, proud mother of aloo (her wayward dog)
Tim Bulter: the old guard of Bangkok dining scene still running rings around the new blood. Modern western cuisine laced with Asian flavours. Tim invented the tomahawk!!!
You already received the matrixes. What was your reaction when you received them?
Thanks God they are written in english!!
I know you can’t say whose they are (even if you knew it), so let me know – what film would they be?
italian job – but the old version with Michael Caine and Benny Hill
How will you approach the matrixes and which music do you associate with your approach?
Divide and conquer. As for music i guess everyone interprets it differently so it would definitely be eclectic.
What are you looking forward to and what is the greatest challenge?
Filling the restaurant! managing 8 chefs at once.. it’s like herding cats!!
After Gelinaz, what comes next?
Sleep, xmas and more survival
Your message to the silent voices?
For what ever the reason you are silent, I hope it was from your own doing and it hasn’t been forced upon you! if it was forced upon you, stay positive, stay strong and fight to get your voice back!
And to all the people in lockdowns?
Lockdowns suck! Keep busy and mentally strong. Stay healthy! And it’s ok to not be ok!

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