The Laughing Heart. London. 17th September 2020

Let’s start: Flourish Farm tempura / Chalk stream trout skewer
The amazing continuation: Wild mushroom dumplings, cep dash & girolle / Aged stone bass, green tomatoes & blackcurrant
The delicious surprise: Gnochetti Sardi, salsicce & friarielli (sorry, it was too good, I couldn’t resist!)
The strong mains: Devon duck & plum / Farmer Tom’s pork, onions & gravy
The sweet ending: Sichuan Creme Brûlée / Wine & Grapes / Black Fig & Fennel Tart

Back at The Laughing Heart. The perfect place for a nice relaxing evening. A place where hospitality and cuisine ooze warmth, comfort and deliciousness. A special place for wine lovers to indulge into the beautiful wine selection.

Tom Anglesea’s cuisine is no-bullshit comfort food at its best. His choice of best ingredients and his great palate and amazing technique create wonderful dishes you would want to eat every day and never get tired of the flavours. My absolute favourites this time were Wild mushroom dumplings with cep dashi & girolles, Gnocchetti Sardi with salsicce e friarelli and Grapes & wine. Add to this the amazing wine list focused on small independent winemakers and the wonderful host Charlie Mellor with the heart and smile bigger than the Universe, and you know why everybody loves to return to this great place. Thanks to all the Laughing Heart team for being so amazing! Can’t wait to be back again!

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