My favourite flavour. By Andre Patsias Morales

The world is full of amazing flavours, so it’s hard to choose just one, but probably my favourite is salted caramel.  It is a product that, in my opinion, is extremely complex but is often overlooked and considered too simple. This is what makes it even more wonderful: everybody can understand it and enjoy it without thinking too much, we talk about complexities that in another context could be much more difficult to appreciate.
I like several recipes of salted caramel but maybe the most appropriate would be to talk about what we do at Statera, my restaurant.  I use the seaweed salt that we extract when toasting the Marcona sargassum, which they bring to us very fresh once a week. When using that product from the southern coast of Peru, an extra layer of umami is added. It matches perfectly with the base of burnt butter and sugar. At Statera I use it in savoury and sweet dishes and our guests seem to like it.
The idea came from a dish we had in our first menu when we opened the restaurant.  It was like torrijas resembling sea foam that appears when waves crash on the seaside rocks.  We still use it and depending on the season, it works well with cheese and ants, majaz (a great rodent from the amazon), a nice pan sealed devil fish, and a palm dessert.
Andre Patsias Morales, Statera (Lima, Peru)

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