See feel taste Anatolia: with Ana Roš and Maksut Askar


With Maksut Aşkar, the executive chef of Neolokal in Istanbul, we are organising a series of guest chef dinners to showcase the Anatolian culture and gastronomy and inspire well acclaimed chefs with new flavours. We have invited some amazing chefs from all over the world to come to Turkey, spend a few days with us, having an opportunity to get to know the culture, taste the traditional and contemporary cuisine of the country, meet people and at the end of their stay cook a meal inspired by their experience. The chefs will not cook their classical dishes but will be challenged to express through their cooking their experience and flavours of Anatolia.⠀

Ana Ros. Photo: Samo Vidic

Tomorrow is happening our second See Feel Anatolia journey, this time is our guest chef Ana Roš. The 2017 best female chef was about to become a diplomat, but fell in love with Valter, moved into his paradise and started cooking and creating wonderful dishes which talk meadows, forests and river that surround her, and are at the same time spiced up with her love for travel and her culinary experiences from the far lands. She is a self taught chef and her style of cooking, recognised for a strong personal character and authenticity, made her an unmissable part of the international culinary elite. Ana and her husband, sommelier Valter Kramar, are at the helm of Hiša Franko restaurant in Staro Selo (Kobarid), a small Slovenian village close to the Italian border. AnaRoš’ cuisine combines an avant-garde approach with very local and seasonal ingredients. She has been recognized, among others, by the Slovenian president of state for her achievements as the Culinary Ambassador of her country. In 2017 she was also named World’s Best Female Chef by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Istanbul’s Spice Market. Photo: AL

Ana will cook alongside Maksut Aşkar on the 29th of April at Neolokal in Istanbul. ⠀

Ana and Maksut will be in their explorations joined by two journalists and me. You can follow our journey through Istanbul from tomorrow (26th April) on  (this time we are visiting also Maksut’s birthplace, not only Istanbul) on Instagram: Ana, Maksut, Kaja, Wolfgang & Andreja and get a small insight into our exciting journey.

Galata Tower as seen from Neolokal. Photo: AL

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