See, feel, taste Anatolia: Maksut Askar meets Manu Buffara

With Maksut Aşkar, the executive chef of Neolokal in Istanbul, we are organising a series of guest chef dinners to showcase the Anatolian culture and gastronomy and inspire well acclaimed chefs with new flavours.⠀

In this occasion, we have invited some amazing chefs from all over the world to come to Turkey, spend a few days with us, having an opportunity to get to know the culture, taste the traditional and contemporary cuisine of the country, meet people and at the end of their stay cook a meal inspired by their experience. The chefs will not cook their classical dishes but will be challenged to express through their cooking their experience and flavours of Anatolia.⠀

Manu Buffara, our first guest chef, was studying journalism when she decided she wanted to share her experiences through flavours rather than written words and with this idea she started her culinary journey in the restaurant industry including working in the restaurants Alinea and Noma. Discovered by Alex Atala she is currently the Chef and owner of the restaurant Manu in her home town of Curitiba, Brazil. ⠀

Manu Buffara will cook alongside Maksut Aşkar on the 25th and 26th of February at Neolokal in Istanbul. ⠀

Both chefs use their kitchen instincts that have been passed onto them from their parents and grandparents. “For this reason we have evolved our own kitchens with the gifts that Mother Earth has given to us” Maksut says. ⠀

Both chefs show great respect for their traditions, childhood memories, ingredients and cooking techniques. Every day they share their knowledge and passion with their guests. ⠀

Manu is coming to Istanbul to discover the flavours and spirit of the Anatolian culture and to create with Maksut an unforgettable evening enriching her Brazilian heritage with her Anatolian experience. ⠀

Important Details:
Tickets must the purchased through Mobilet.⠀

Start time – 20:00 ⠀

Neolocal can’t accommodate any allergies or vegetarian options. ⠀

Dinner cost : 300 tl ⠀
Wine Pairing: 180 tl (to be charged separately and accordingly at the restaurant)

Next events will bring to Istanbul also Ana Ros (Hisa Franko), James Close (The Raby Hunt), Philip Rachinger (Mühltalhof), Margot Janse (Isabelo), JP McMahon (Aniar), Sasu Laukkonen (Ora) and Filip Langhoff (Ask).

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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