NGELEMEN: Rodolfo Guzman and Virgilio Martinez promoting regional knowledge

On Tuesday 9th of January 2018 will meet chefs Rodolfo Guzman and Virgilio Martinez to discuss  the food challenges of today and the ways for generating new economies.

A “new point of view at the local gastronomy” was how the organisers described the previous “NGELEMEN” a talkatory that took place on 7th April 2016 at the innovation center of Universidad Católica.

NGELEMEN” – which means gathering in Mapudungún – focuses on new ways of producing good food and its effects.  To do this, professionals from different areas give master talks in which they expose how, in a world where food can be more and more scarce, agriculture and the growing of new food generates not only new needs but new cultural, economic or even touristic opportunities.

Ngelemen – The talkatory

Virgilio Martinez

Rodolfo Guzman and Virgilio Martinez are promoting knowledge as a driving force in the region,  through their deep understanding of the territory, its ingredients and culture of both countries – Chile and Peru.

Mater Iniciativa and Conectáz are two projects that wish to create a collaboration for the purpose of promoting the use of new ingredients and pushing new economies.

The event will take place on 9th January from 12:00 to 2.00 pm in Santiago (Chile), attendance is free and open to public.  To attend the event please contact

Rodolfo Guzman also announced a much bigger Ngelemen event for September this year. News to follow in March.

Rodolfo Guzman

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