Steiereck. Vienna. 16th August 2017

View into the Steiereck’s kitchen
Courgette & spelt seedlings with orange blossom, pistachio & cured yolk
Char with bees-wax, yellow carrot, pollen and sour cream
Tomato with wild fruits, hazelnuts & pineapple sage
Crayfish with eggplant, coconut & Schönbrunn citrus leaves
Amur carp with Romaine lettuce, purple salsify & dill
Calf’s brain with salsify, tomato-peppers & medlar kernel
Barbecued sturgeon with red elderberry & chard root
Stuffed “Hanik” pepper with tomatoes and red parsley
“Pogusch” lamb with green tomatoes, courgette flowers & monarda
Nasturtium blossom with tigernut, eldeflower & oxalis
Medlar, violets and crepes


Am Heumarkt 2A, 1030 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 7133168
Steiereck, the family owned restaurant founded by Heinz Reitbauer’s parents in 1970, the year when he was born, is located in the beautiful city park in central Vienna, and became under the Heinz’ guidance, one of the world’s best restaurants (in 2017 it is the no. 10 on World’s 50 best restaurants) and is since years awarded with 2 Michelin stars.
It is a place that really strives perfection in every single detail. From the passionate sourcing of ingredients (most of them come from Reitbauer’s garden, others are cultivated by the Higher School for Gardening Education in Schönbrunn Palace‘s gardens) over exploration of traditions (the local and Styrian ones – the Reitbauer family comes from Styria, Steiereck actually means Styrian corner) to the innovative approaches to cooking, technical perfection and impeccable service.


The innovative mind of Heinz Reitbauer is very representative in one of the most delightful dishes I enjoyed this year – his Char with beeswax, yellow carrot, pollen and sour cream. The char is actually cooked to perfection in the hot beeswax on the table in front of you before being returned on the plate with yellow carrot, pollen and sour cream (pictures above) – it is a creation of subtle flavours and beautiful presentation.  Impressive were also all other dishes, including Heinz’ very gently cooked calf’s brain with crispy buckwheat and salsify, warm medlar kernel, veal vinaigrette and preserved apple-peppers, which was the most delicious brain dish I ever tasted.
The meticulous attention to detail is not only visible in the dishes but also in the service and the presentation. Instead of long verbal explanations of the dishes and a printed menu, is every dish served with a card like the one above, which quite precisely explains details of each dish and contains also the number of the dish through which it is possible to find further info on Steiereck’s website (including the recipe). Small details at Steiereck make a big difference!
If you want to experience one of the best European contemporary cuisines, rooted in the delightfully rich traditions of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and be pampered by the Vienesse elegance and impeccable service, start planning your trip to Steiereck now!
The chef (Heinz Reitbauer) his wife, the Gelinaz founders (Alexandra and Andrea) and chef May Chow who was one of the guest chefs at the Gelinaz event
My visit at Steiereck was part of the press trip Gelinaz! Does Upper Austria.

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