O boufes. Vienna. 16th August 2017

Char. Austrian heritage tomato. Cucumber blossoms. Mustard seeds.
Filled fried zuccini blossoms. Carp brandade.
Puntarelle. Anchovies pesto. Lovage.
Breaded fried catfish liver. Fried parsley. Lemon from Orangerie Schönbrunn.
Mussels saganaki. Greek style.
Baby trout. Potato salad. Chantarelles.
Stuffed quail. Brioche stuffing. Parsley.
Farmer’s curd cheese, wild strawberries, whipped cream.

O boufés

Dominikanerbastei 17, 1010 Wien, Austria
Chef Konstantin Filippou owns, together with his lovely wife Manuela who is in charge of the front of the house, two restaurants in Vienna. His gourmet restaurant Konstantin Filippou gained soon after its opening a Michelin star. Two years ago have the husband and wife Filippou opened, just beside their flagship restaurant, also the more casual O boufes, which I was lucky to visit with chefs and food journalists on the day before our Gelinaz Does Upper Austria trip.
Konstantin, who was born in Austria to a Greek father and an Austrian mother, is in his cooking at O boufes beautifully uniting the two cultures. He is a passionate soul, very much in love with bold delicious flavours and straightforward cooking. He is obsessively searching for the best ingredients from close and a bit more far away (Austria is not a Mediterranean country, but his soul is – so you will find in his cooking beside the typical Austrian ingredients also the most delightful and freshest seafood) which are prepared mixing the Austrian and Greek techniques and references creating delicious no fuss comforting dishes which one could easily enjoy daily. Take for example the Breaded fried catfish liver with fried parsley and lemon from Orangerie Schönbrunn. This simple but innovative dish was a strong statement and a provocative play on the theme of the most widely known Viennese dish – the Wiener Schnitzel. It was super delicious, as also everything before and after that. Go to Vienna and visit Konstantin Filippou’s restaurants! I need to return. To finally try his flagship restaurant as well as for another visit at O boufes! I said I could eat there daily!
Manuela and Konstantin Filippou at the end of our lunch (David Chang in front of them)
Our group. Chefs and food writers. (I am on the left)

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