Food on the Edge part 3: why shouldn’t you miss it

Jp McMahon presented himself (here) and told us the (hi)story of Food on the edge (here). But there is more we want to know …

How does JP choose the speakers?

“We choose them in various ways. For their accolades, their philosophy. We look at different lists, such as Michelin, 50 best and OAD. But I also look to places far away that might inspire, that seem to have nothing to do with contemporary food, like Syria or Zimbabwe or Alaska for example. What food is being produced there? How are people eating? These are important questions. This is one side of Food on the Edge.”

Why should people not miss Food on the Edge symposium? 

“Food on the Edge is a very special, really unique event. It will inspire people to do different and better things with food. We will have panel sessions and master classes. And a big artisan food market showcasing Irish food and the West of Ireland. If you have an interest in contemporary food culture, then Food on the Edge is the place to be.”

JP McMahon. Photo: Declan Monaghan

What about your aspirations for the future?

“I want Food on the Edge to become the leading gathering of chefs worldwide. I want to move it around Ireland, with every second year in Galway. I want every major chef to come to Ireland, to inspire us and be inspired by our landscape, producers and our sea. Each restaurant that opens in Ireland after Food on the Edge has no excuse not to push good food forward, whether it’s street food or fine dining, activating the local food culture with an open mind inspired by the international food scene.”

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