Food on the Edge part 2: the (hi)story

Food on the Edge (FOTE) is happening in Galway, Ireland, on 9th-10th October. It is a brainchild of JP McMahon, the passionate restaurateur from Ireland who is presenting himself here. 

FoodontheEdge 2016-3371(1)
Photo: Itziar Telletxea Rocha

How has FOTE developed – from the initial idea to the last edition? 

Initially, we planned it as a one-off event. A get together of great chefs, like MAD and Cook it Raw. But then it grew into something else. Our speakers love Ireland and the produce that comes from its land and sea. Now I want it to become a centre of food related creativity and education. The world’s best chef minds are coming to Ireland to celebrate food! We have now started to invite also other food related people: farmers, writers, wine makers … but I want the core to remain chefs related because I’m a chef and I think the best way to change the system is through chefs. We are the vehicles for a better food world, for our children, for our planet.

Massimo Bottura at Food on the Edge 2016. Photo: Declan Monaghan

Do you have any exciting stories to share from previous editions?

All night pizza making with Matt Orlando and Daniel Burns is for sure one of them! You have to ask them about that! Or Davide Scabin teaching chefs how to cook pasta at 3 am. I think all best stories come from special moments around the event. When all these chefs get together,  they tend to have fun!

FoodontheEdge 2016-3301(1)
Photo: Itziar Telletxea Rocha

What would you tell about this year’s theme?

This year’s theme is based around the idea of action and reaction. Of course, we will still have food stories from around the world but I wanted to try and get our speakers to focus on concrete activities that they are involved with or have been. Change comes through material things. I don’t want Food on the Edge to become just another chef’s symposium where people talk and it all ends there. I want to see how we influence each other. I want to hear the stories of change. Every year we’ll keep developing.

Do you want to join? Till the end of July you can book the early birds tickets for Food on the Edge here after that they will be available at the regular price.

FoodontheEdge 2016-3572(1)
Photo: Itziar Telletxea Rocha


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