Radio Alice. London. 17th December 2016

I knew Matteo Aloe, the young man behind Radio Alice, already since 2011 when I was organising a dinner with Koppert Cress products in Bologna. The local food journalists have been talking with a great passion about Matteo who just a few months before our event launched with his brother Salvatore their first pizzeria Berberé. Their goal was  “reimagining pizza in a way that focuses on craftsmanship, maintaining its “pop” soul without exaggerated gourmet sophistication”.

Anchovies, red onion, orange oil, tomato, oregano
Anchovies, red onion, lemon zest, tomato, oregano

The concept which was in Italy very successful, resulted in five pizzerias.  In November 2016 has Matteo brought their pizza also to London. He opened Radio Alice in Hoxton Square in the week of 27th November and my first visit there was on  24th – during the soft opening (small pictures in the gallery below). I visited Radio Alice again on 17th December (main pictures) when they already reached perfection in the execution of the dishes as well in service.

Pizzas at Radio Alice are delightful! The sourdough made with long fermentation is beautifully light with a very thin delicious crispy crust, the topping instead vary from classic to creative combinations – all I tried were really sublime. If you haven’t visited Radio Alice yet it’s time to do it now!

Andreja Lajh

Prosciutto di Parma, burrata, orange infused oil, fiordilatte
Prosciutto di Parma, burrata, orange infused oil, fior di latte

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