The Gelinaz! Shuffle Countdown with Simone Tondo (Tondo, Paris)



Name: Simone Tondo

Home Restaurant: Tondo

Home Restaurant Location: Paris (France)

Gelinaz! Shuffle Location: Secret

Everybody loves Gelinaz! What do you love best about it?

I grew up admiring this collective which started with some really great chefs and so I feel extremely proud for being now part of it. The shuffle is a great occasion for me an my team – it is about contamination, knowledge and fun.

What are you looking forward to most for this  Shuffle?

I’m very much looking forward to the journey itself, to meeting new people, to working with the new team in a new space which is not my home and to make it mine.

What’s your message for the guest Gelinaz chef who will cook at your kitchen?

My home is your home. Feel free! Try to teach my team new things and make them yours during this wonderful shuffle.





Simone Tondo. Photo: Lisa Klein Michel
Simone Tondo. Photo: Lisa Klein Michel

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