The Gelinaz! Shuffle Countdown with Jock Zonfrillo (Orana, Adelaide)

Cultured mother duck by Jock Zonfrillo
Cultured mother duck by Jock Zonfrillo


Name: Jock Zonfrillo

Home Restaurant: Orana

Home Restaurant Location: Adelaide (Australia)

Gelinaz! Shuffle Location: Secret



It involves the whole team so unlike other chefs congresses we are involved in, with this event, the team that is left behind with the visiting Chef gets to be a part of it too.


How would you express your last year’s experience in 3 sentences?


It was really exciting to go into Manresa and work with a team that is completely different than mine.

The creativity that came out of my experience at Manresa was amazing both from their side but also for me working together with their team and creating one-off dishes which have never been repeated since.

Coming back home and hearing the experience that my team had was very cool.  Mehmet Gürs visited Orana and spent time with my team and obviously that had a positive impact on my guys too.


Your message for the chef who is coming to cook at your kitchen?

Don’t forget to feed the dog!



Jock Zonfrillo. Photo: Jacqui Way
Jock Zonfrillo. Photo: Jacqui Way

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