My Favourite Flavour. By Matteo Monti

Carne/meat by Matteo Monti. Photo:  Masakazu Kurihara
Carne/meat by Matteo Monti. Photo: Masakazu Kurihara

My favourite flavour … My favourite flavour … Poetical? Sweet? Romantic?

It’s really not easy to decide for one favourite flavour. I love cooking and everything that this magical world includes – all this is for me something very emotional. Today my favourite flavour is taste. The real one. The lively one.

Every ingredient has many flavours. Many lives. Many faces. I am trying to extract the best side of each ingredient and pair it. Playfully. Because life is a play. And cooking is life.

When I am eating rice with butter and sage, I remember my grandmother. Her fat and warm cooking … Today I am looking for the same butter to feel the same warmth again and again … I am looking for the same flavour. And if I don’t find it, I create it.

My favourite flavour is … love!

“Carne/meat” pictured above is a crazy dish born out of this idea. 
“Carne/meat” was created out of all the flavours that chefs use for cooking a piece of meat: butter, garlic, thyme … and the emotional essence of being a cook.

Matteo Monti, Rebelot (Milano, Italy)

Matteo Monti. Photo: Masakazu Kurihara
Matteo Monti. Photo: Masakazu Kurihara

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