Rodolfo Guzman. Boragó. Zero Point Zero: end of silence

Rodolfo Guzman
Rodolfo Guzman

Santiago, Chile.20/01/2016 – After almost 10 years, Boragó has reached its starting point. It has been nearly a decade of research, learning, trials, errors and silence. Now the restaurant will start a new stage in its history and it will begin to transmit and to cook with the full knowledge of the Chilean endemic pantry.

It was not easy to understand how a seaweed, a wild fruit, or a mushroom grows; how a fish or a halophyte develops or at which exact part of the season it would peak. Due to the uniqueness which our landscape offered, we were one of the first to undertake the challenge of exploring it. Thus not being able to rely on a lot of outside sources in help of exploration, having to research it ourselves.

But after all these years, that has changed. We have finally come to an understanding on how these ingredients were used by our indigenous people, and now we can start to take this knowledge and evolve it to create a new language in Chilean food.

Between January and the end of March of this year, the restaurant team will be completely submerged in the development and expression of the Chilean flavors that will show the fruits of our labor. Once our 2016 season begins in early April, for the first time we will explore a new way of understanding, thinking and feeling about the flavors of Chile, and also in terms of how to take them to the next level.

We must be honest, the past nine years of Boragó were a quiet learning process, and it is finally coming to a close. Of course we still have an incredible amount to learn, but we feel that we have finally achieved the necessary deep knowledge about our endemic ingredients, complete seasonality, culture and landscape that we need to give our customers the experience of Chile of which we have always dreamed about and wanted to share with them. This is the biggest change that we have ever experienced in our cuisine and the way of thoughts around it, until now.

Rodolfo Guzmán, Borago, Santiago de Chile


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  1. I thought I was eager to eat at Borago, but after reading this I am so much more excited to do so! Congratulations, chef and staff, on all your efforts and accomplishments so far. I can’t wait to see and taste what you have in mind.

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