Recipe: Extreme stems by Virgilio Martinez

Oca dough:

1.5 kg of oca

1 kg of salt

200 g of oca starch

6 egg yolks

100 g of egg whites

100 g of Andean butter


Mix the egg whites with salt. On a flat tray make a 2 cm wide layer with the salt mixture put the ocas as a second layer and then cover them with the rest of the salt mixture. Bake them at 200ºC for 30 minutes, let them cool on a rack.

Take out the ocas taking away the salt with a wet kitchen towel.

Mix the ocas with the starch and egg yolks on the thermomix for 5 minutes at 70ºC, speed 5. Make balls with the dough approx. 1 cm diameter.


Oca skin:


1 kg og Oca

1 kg of Salt

1 Egg white


Mix the egg whites with salt, form the first layer on a flat tray with the salt mixture. Put the ocas on the top and cover them with salt as a second layer.

Bake the ocas at 190ºC for 15 minutes.

Make a puree with the cooked ocas, pass it through a sieve, and spread the puree on a silpat.

Dehydrate the puree at 45ºC for 2 hours.


Olluco sauce:


500 g of onions

500 g of Ollucos

400 ml of water


Cut the onions and let them caramelize. When they are golden brown, add the ollucos and cook them for 20 minutes. Add water and let it reduce to half. Pass through a fine chinoise and add salt.

Extreme stems. Photo: Brick Delgado

For the dish

Sautee the oca balls on brown butter and finish with the sauce. On the top of each ball, place a piece of the oca skin and a slice of raw olluco. Vut the radishes and ocas roots and cook them on the olluco sauce.

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Recipe: courtesy of Virgilio Martinez & restaurant Central

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