Recipe: Pumpkin pie by Alyn Williams

This dish is a light-hearted play on a traditional American dish usually served in the autumn for Thanksgiving.  Alyn Williams has taken all the seasonal elements and created a lovely savoury tribute.

Pumpkin custard

250g pumpkin juice

165g diced pumpkin

165g whipping cream

Cook together until tender, blitz & pass

Take 165g of the puree and add 5g sauternes or sweet wine

Add 1 egg, pour into a dish and bake in a bain Marie for 12-15mins at 100̊c


110g strong flour

50g vegetable shortening

Cold water to bind

Mix together to a workable dough (do not overwork)

Cling film and chill for at least 2 hours. Roll out to 3mm thick on a silicon mat

Glazed with 1 egg/1 yolk, Microplaned nutmeg, chopped toasted pumpkin seeds and fleur de sel. Bake at 160̊c until golden brown (approx 10 minutes)


500g honey

50g vinegar

Mix the liquids together and heat to 100̊c pour over cranberries to cover

and macerate until tender.

Grated squash

150g course grated butternut squash

Juice of 1/8 lemon

Tablespoon olive oil


Microplaned nutmeg and cinnamon


Mix all of the ingredients together and allow to infuse and break down for 20 minutes.

The dish is dressed and finished with thin shards of Smoked cheddar, grated black truffle and a drizzle of syrup from the cranberries.

Pumpkin pie by Alyn Williams

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