Hisa Franko. Kobarid. 8th August 2015

The magical ambient of the Hisa Franko’s garden
Marble trout, ginger broth, fresh almonds
Grayling, beetroot, raspberry, buttermilk
Beef tongue, tomato water, oysters and herb garden
A salad of mountain berries, fermented cottage cheese, millet, porcini and roe buck
Squid, lamb sweetbreads, cave cheese and fava beans
Pasta filled with foie, cherry soup, endivie
Trout from Franko’s creek, black radish, salicornia, mortadella mousse
Lamb, sweet tomatoes, burnt eggplant
Vineyard peach, cucumber and flower meringue
Big apple
Two great wines from Valter’s cellar

Hisa Franko

Staro selo 1, 5222 Kobarid, Slovenia
+386 5 389 41 20

Hisa Franko/House Franko, is a family run restaurant with a small boutique hotel located in Staro selo, just outside Kobarid, a small city in Slovenia close to the Italian border. It is located in a picturesque landscape between the mountains, very close to the stunning Soca river. For me one of the most beautiful and untouched parts of Slovenia. This territory is wonderfully inspiring the incredible talented cheffe Ana Ros who has despite being so far away from the important food centres, attracted attention of food lovers, food writers and fellow chefs from all around the world. Ana’s talent has been acknowledged through numerous events and collaborations in which she was one of the protagonists – as for example the Gelinaz, the Grand Fooding,  Hangar 7,  Cook it raw and many dinners world wide with some of the world’s best chefs. Soon you will be able to get to know Ana’s world also through the Chef’s table on Netflix.

This particular lunch pictured above is only one (sadly my last one at Hisa Franko this year) of many great meals I had there in many years since I know Ana and each of the meals was an unforgettable experience. Ana is masterfully creating her palette of flavours and combining wonderful ingredients with a great and sometimes pretty daring female sensibility into the most delicious creations. With the roots in her territory and with accents brought from her travels into far lands she each time enchants with dishes which work perfectly on all the levels. Her beautiful flavours are masterfully paired with a selection of best local wines chosen by her husband Valter Kramar, who is also in charge of maturing a lovely collection of local cheese.

by Andreja Lajh

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