The Roux Scholarship 2016

The Roux Scholarship is the premier competition for chefs in the UK and ranks among the most prestigious in the world. However, it is far more than just a competition that ends with a prize.

Entrants must be in full time employment as a chef in the UK and be aged 22 or above, but no older than 30 on 1stFebruary 2016. They have until midnight on Monday 1st February 2016 to submit a recipe to serve four people using:

One whole fresh pollock (otherwise known as coley or saithe), gutted, weighing anywhere between 1.5kg  – 1.75kg (maximum 2kg) and 600g live whole cockles; together served plated and accompanied by two garnishes. One garnish must include button mushrooms and the other to be a garnish of your choice. One of these garnishes can be served separately if preferred. A sauce must accompany the dish.

Michel Roux Jr: Pollock is such a delicate fish yet robust enough if treated well. And cockles are a family favourite so one that I am looking forward to tasting.”

Alain Roux: We have chosen to shine the spotlight on Pollock because it is a delicious, healthy white fish that has become a popular and sustainable alternative to cod and haddock and is just as versatile. I am looking forward to being enticed with appealing dishes that are at once full of flavour but delicately balanced. So, we are seeking a tricky balancing act, which is very exciting.”


The legendary Roux brothers. Photo: courtesy of Le Gavroche
The legendary Roux brothers. Photo: courtesy of Le Gavroche

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