Fully booked within 90 seconds: #NomaAustralia

Rene Redzepi. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj
Rene Redzepi in the experimental kitchen – Noma in Copenhagen. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj

If you are planning an unforgettable dinning experience at #NomaAustralia, but haven’t booked yet, you may be too late. All the 5600 seats for the 10 weeks period from January to April 2016 sold out within only 90 seconds when they went on sale today. Noma Australia will be open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday.

In the interview I had with Rene Redzepi in August, he was telling me how much is he and his entire team looking forward to this experience. It will not only be a very welcome escape from the cold Danish winter into a pleasant Australian summer, but also an encounter of two cultures which are culturally very similar (comparing to Noma’s residence in Tokyo where they were discovering a completely different culture) and yet with a nature which is so much different and offers so many new exciting ingredients.

A meal at Noma Australia, which had to be prepaid, will cost $485 plus drinks.

Hope dies last. You can still try your luck by registering for the waiting list here.

Andreja Lajh

Noma at night. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj
Noma at night. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj

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