White truffles menu at Mirazur. Ten days only.

It’s white truffle season. If you love truffles you were for sure enjoying looking at Sven Elverfeld‘s autumn dish with white truffles published here. And if you enjoyed that, multiply now white truffles and imagine a whole mouthwatering tasting menu composed of stunning dishes with white truffles. A truffle paradise?

From 30th October until 8th November is Mirazur, Mauro Colagreco‘s flagship restaurant in Menton serving a special tasting menu dedicated to truffles:

Scallop carpaccio
Cabbage garden
Crab & almonds
Pigna beans
Quail egg
Foie gras tortellini and poultry
Duck consommé
Texture of Jerusalem artichoke
Roasted partridge
Einkorn risotto
White chocolate and magnatum pico

€ 250 / Person | Drinks not included
wine pairing € 75

All dishes include white truffles.


Bookings: http://www.mirazur.fr/

Mirazur. Photo: Eduardo Torres
Mirazur. Photo: Eduardo Torres

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