L’Espresso guide rewards best Italian restaurants

L’Espresso guide is probably the most important guide in Italy beside the Michelin. My Italian colleagues often say that L’Espresso discovers the jewels which Michelin later confirms.

This year it happens for the first time that a restaurant gained 20/20 points. This wonderful recognition happened to (who else!) Osteria Francescana – the second best restaurant on World’s 50 best restaurants – which created with the chef Massimo Bottura a real culinary revolution in Italy.


There are 33 more restaurants in Italy which have reached the level of 3 hats (18-20/20 points):

Piazza Duomo (19,75/20),

Casadonna Reale, La Pergola, Le Calandre (19,5/20)

Combal.Zero, Uliassi, Villa Crespi, Vissani (19/20)

Agli Amici, Taverna Estia, Antica Corona Reale, Dal Pescatore, Duomo, Enoteca Pinchiorri, Enrico Bartolini, St. Hubertus, La Madia, La Peca, Madonnina del Pescatore, Osteria del Povero Diavolo (18,5/20)

Acquerello, Del Cambio, Il Palagio dell’Hotel Four Seasons, La Trota, Lido 84, Lorenzo, Ristorante Berton, Casa Perbellini, Colline Ciociare, Cracco, Da Vittorio, Laite, Torre del Saracino (18/20).

Guide includes also two restaurants from the neighbouring Slovenia: Hisa Franko (chef Ana Ros) gained excellent 17.5 points and Pri Lojzetu/Zemono (chef Tomi Kavcic) 17 points.

Congratulations to all the great chefs and their teams and especially to Massimo Bottura who is bringing Italian cuisine on the top of the international scene!

by Andreja Lajh

For the entire list: http://www.dissapore.com/

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