Noma Introducing Project 006: Dashi RDX

Noma Projects announces the release of Project 006: Dashi RDX, the first of a new line of reductions. After moving into a new production space at the start of the year, we are releasing Dashi RDX at our largest quantity to date. Releasing on April 27th at 

Dashi RDX is a powerful reduction of dashi made from kombu, katsuobushi, sake, and mushrooms. This savoury syrup packs layers of flavour from the ocean, perfect to drizzle on just about any dish. 

A concentration of flavour and technique; it’s an in-house brew of some of the most umami-rich ingredients we can imagine—traditional Japanese Dashi with our very own Smoked Mushroom Garum—combined using a mix of traditional techniques and our own innovations in fermentation and reduction that we know to provide the most impactful flavour. Noma’s test kitchen has spent nearly two decades exploring and studying Japanese cuisine and the flavour of umami. Dashi RDX is the culmination of years of research and travel, combined with our persistent curiosity and search for umami flavour. The result is a dark, deeply flavorful, and complex syrup that we find addictive.   

This rich reduction is not for cooking, you simply drizzle a few drops on any finished dish to add deep flavour and layers of umami. It pairs perfectly with roasted vegetables, steamed fish, eggs any style, or a satisfying bowl of steamed rice.  

Releasing date is today  April 27th at    Price: 250 DKK / 36 USD  for 100 ml    


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