Ikoyi. London. 25th of March 2022

Ike Jime trout, Cubeb & Gola Peppercorn; Octopus fried in wild rice & yeasted Bearnaise; Poppyseed, green pepper & asparagus; Aged sirloin, Reserve caviar & salted citrus
Benne Moin Moin & Pine nut
Sweetbreads, sour carrot & honey mustard
Plantain, smoked kelp & blackberry
Turbot, celeriac miso & caramelised chicken wing
Sorghum crepe, gizzard & morel fondue
Smoked Jollof rice
120 day aged Devon rib & saffron soubise
Black sesame, uda & vanilla; Pounded date cake, groundnut blend & rhubarb



1 St James’s Market, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4AH

Ikoyi is one of the really exceptional restaurants on the London scene. If you ever dined there, I guess we can agree that it would be easy to recognise their flavours even in a blind tasting, so unique and authentic they are, with a slight spiciness everywhere but a spiciness of a different level, with such a diverse flavour spectrum and always amazingly balanced. Between all the dishes, all really outstanding, were my absolute favourites the Sweetbreads with sour carrot and honey mustard and Sorghum crepe with gizzard and morel fondue. The cooking by Jeremy and his team is done to perfection and extremely authentic. Not authentic West African but authentic Jeremy Chan: Jeremy’s creative genius inspired by Nigeria. In the world where cultures mix a lot and so dining experiences sometimes lose the uniqueness because food many restaurants offer is, even if delicious, similar to each other, is such uniqueness even more appreciated.
And what are your favourite dishes at Ikoyi?

Andreja Lajh

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