Alberto Landgraf x Anaori Kakugama

The Japanese brand ANAORI, a leader in manufacturing carbon graphite products, has developed a groundbreaking cooking tool that combines new technologies and natural materials into a unique design. In the coming months, some of the greatest culinary minds from around the world will apply their expertise to showcase the potential of ANAORI kakugama at their restaurant as part of the Naturality tour by ANAORI.

In Brazil, the Naturality Tour by Anaori stopped at Alberto Landgraf’s Oteque in Rio de Janeiro.

Photo: Rodrigo Azevedo

Opened in 2018, Oteque currently holds two stars in the Michelin Guide and is in 12th
place on LatAm 50 Best List, being considered one of the greatest restaurants in
the country. Built in an old house from 1938, in the Botafogo neighborhood, Alberto
Landgraf’s restaurant focuses on working with high quality ingredients, mainly fish and seafood, inspired on the purity of nature and using minimalist techniques that reflect not only on the menu, but on the service.

Oteque’s cuisine is created by Alberto and his team along with a long research, development and practical experiments, drawing technical and versatile bases that translate concepts such as seasonality and geographical situations, resulting in a balanced and consistent menu. In addition, Landgraf has a huge concern about the food chain and all the characters involved in it, valuing fair trade and caring for ethics when dealing with producers and ingredients.

Alberto Landgraf’s interests go past the barriers of his cuisine. His constant cultural search immerses him in references beyond his work field, passing through many different areas and bringing a plurality of languages and thoughts to his creations.

This coexistence with disciplines such as fashion, music, cinema, photography, art, design and architecture reflect on his practical thinking and are applied in many areas of his life.


Photo: Rodrigo Azevedo


Listen to the interview below to learn of Alberto’s experience with the Anaori Kakugama.


What was your first reaction when you saw the kakugama?

How was your journey with it?

What do you love best about it and what was the greatest challenge?

Photo: Rodrigo Azevedo

Tell us about the dish you created with it and served to the media.

What difference did it make using kakugama for this dish?

As we are living in challenging times defined with pandemics, do you have any message for the chefs around the world who are going through lockdowns and other issues?

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