From the ‘Laboratorio Niko Romito’ in Castel di Sangro, the new organic and vegan product line signed by the Chef

From December 4th, the new organic line of biscuits, jams and fruit juices, produced in Niko Romito’s Laboratory in Castel di Sangro, will debut on the market. An exclusive preview, presented for Christmas also in an elegant Christmas box in limited edition, can be purchased online and in the new to open temporary shop in the centre of Milan.

The research on the healthy aspect of food, led Niko Romito and the team of his research lab, to create and perfection a product line in which the preparation processes focus on the reduction of fats and on an accurate selection of raw materials sourced 100% from organic agriculture.

“This year more than ever, has taught us that nutrition, food and its complex cooking and transformation process, are tightly connected with people’s health and wellbeing. I have often asked myself why, in common perception, healthy food is associated to a poor and unpleasant taste and starting from this assumption, I decided to try to overturn this paradigm. Together with the team of my lab, we did countless tests, we spent months correcting and fine tuning recipes, preparations, processes and baking techniques, to obtain a range of products that were at the same time delicious, light and healthy.
It became a challenge that I shared with the entire team, a challenge that I can say we won the minute we tasted what I like to call the super cookie, that we present this Christmas, in limited and numbered edition, in the CHOCOLATE version.
A cookie baked without eggs and without lactose, just technique and passion that are the two main ingredients of the work that we’ve been carrying on since the beginning,” comments Niko Romito.

Two years down the line from the opening of the Laboratory, the evolution path and the results of the research on nutritional balance of the ingredients, on the powerful simplicity of flavors and on the lightness of preparations, reflect the desire to evoke tradition, naturalness, genuineness and health.

The entire line is certified organic and vegan, the recipes of tradition have been revised focusing the attention on the elimination of added sugars and on the reduction of fats, hence to make each ingredient’s taste immediately recognizable. A quest for purity that epitomizes the values, the symbols and the places of memory. The delicious flavours of childhood enhanced by the strong bond between food, health and wellbeing.

A deep attention and in-depth study also for the packaging, that reflects the identity of the products branded Niko Romito, such as the panettone and the PANDOLCE, whilst evolving in structure, colours and visual. It is sustainable and re-usable, interpreting the values of recycling thus confirming the profound relation between nutrition, wellbeing and sustainability.


Biscotto Gran Cioccolato – Niko Romito’s challenge on the chocolate super cookie

Organic, without eggs and lactose, it is made with oat milk and fine Ivory Coast chocolate. Light, delicious and crispy, this biscuit is a cuddle for the entire family.

“I spent sleepless nights over this biscuit!” Niko Romito

Packaging Biscotto Gran Cioccolato. Numbered one by one in limited edition, this tinplate can for alimentary use, responds to the growing attention of the group and of the consumers, towards ethical and social impact related themes. It maintains the product’s aromas and freshness during daily consumption.

This packaging is the result of an in depth study aimed at identifying a solution that fulfils a smarter way of consumption: portable and pocket size yet remaining the original container of the product. It can then be reinvented as an elegant object to be kept at home.

Strawberry jam and peach jam. Over 90% of fruit coming from organic agriculture, between 5% and 7% of organic sugar added to the total amount of fruit and lemon juice. The authentic taste of the fruit that upholds all its nutritional and organoleptic properties, preserving colours and aromas.

Chocolate spread. Hazelnut and chocolate spread without lactose and animal fats. It’s the result of a long and meticulous process focused on enhancing the pure taste of the two main ingredients. Authentic, delicious, soft and creamy.

Fruit juice. Prepared with 100% organic fruit juice and puree, with no added aromas nor preservatives. The purest and most authentic expression of strawberries, peaches, apricots and blueberries.


Another novelty presented by LABORATORIO NIKO ROMITO for this very special Christmas, is the original Christmas Box. A box that includes a selection of fruit jams – peach and strawberry – the delicious chocolate spread and the new tin can for the Biscotto Gran Cioccolato from the new product line signed by Niko Romito. A Classic or Chocolate Panettone Niko Romito can be added to make it even more special.


The Panettone Niko Romito has an intense flavor yet remaining light till the last bite. The artisanal baking process delivers a product with a soft and airy dough rich of natural aromas. Produced in limited edition, in the classic and chocolate and orange version, this year is enriched by the artisanal work applied to the organic orange zests, candied by hand one by one to preserve natural aromas, organoleptic properties, texture and taste.


PANDOLCE Niko Romito was born after long of studies and in-depth research on the fermentation techniques of leavened products of traditional Italian pastry. In both versions, classic and with chocolate, taste and aromas of the raw materials with which it is prepared are strongly preserved.

You can eat it plain, or combined with creams, jams, ice cream and fresh fruit.

The Panettone Niko Romito, the Christmas box and the selection of products of the new line Niko Romito can be bought through the online shop: The shipping is carried by express courrier or through collection at the exclusive temporary shop in Piazza Risorgimento 3 in Milan.

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