Home-cooking with Eugenio Boer: My Nino Bergese rice

Eugenio Boer from the restaurant Bu:r from Milan is sharing his favourite risotto recipe:

“This dish made history through a great Italian chef Nino Bergese.

Risotto with butter and parmesan above the gravy, a very simple looking dish.

I tried to replicate it some years ago and was enchanted with its beautiful simplicity. So I decided to do a more contemporary version adding thyme into the bone broth and to finish the risotto with fresh lemon juice, giving it some freshness to complete this simple but incredibly delicious dish.”

Ingredients for 4 persons
240g Carnaroli rice
80g butter
80g Parmigiano Reggiano, aged 18 months
2l vegetable broth (celery, carrot, roasted onion and roasted tomato)
40ml juice of an organic lemon
Brown stock  (2 days of preparation) –
(alternatively, you can use a gravy)
1 kg veal bones
1 celery stick
1 celeriac
2 sweet onions (cipolla ramata or Roscoff)
3 carrots
1 bouquet garní (1 leek leaf, 1 branch of thyme, 1 branch of rosemary, 3 leaves of sage, 1 bay leaf)
20 g tomato purre
70 ml red wine
70 ml red port wine
Roast the bones in the oven at 190C until golden. In the meantime prepare mirepoix with all the vegetables and roast it with some rapeseed oil. Add tomato puree and continue roasting. Add the red wine and port, add the roasted bones and add enough water to double cover the ingredients. Slowly reduce while cooking, add fresh thyme, drain, take off the fat from the surface and cook it to the consistency of a sauce.
Preparation of the dish
Dry roast the rice, then add white wine. Continue cooking the risotto with the vegetable broth. When ready, add butter, Parmigiano and lemon juice. Mix well, take off the heat, put the risotto into small bowls that were layered with the brown stock.

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