Covid-19 times – reflections with Matias Perdomo

Milano is one of the hardest-hit cities in Europe. How is with the lockdown due to covid-19 coping Matias Perdomo of the restaurant Contraste?

How did your city change because of coronavirus? 

I believe this virus showed us that in the social world we live in, there will always be human relationships because, without them, there would be no evolution. Now it’s the moment to stay at home and respect the rules. When this ends and life goes back to normal, we will need a great imagination to reconstruct everything for the future.

What was your first thought when coronavirus appeared and what do you think now?

My first thought was about my team! I wanted to take care to keep my team employed and safe. And still today this is my main preoccupation. There is no law that helps us and I don’t think there will ever be one. And this shows how the gastronomy in the last years always worked with debts.
Photo: Alessandro Ghirelli

How are you spending these days?

I am staying at home, trying to relax and not think too much. We need to maintain clear minds for the moment when we will again open our doors and recreate a new world.

Did you transform your activity? 

No,  decided to not do a takeaway or anything similar because this is not my world and I am not equipped to do it. I don’t believe in searching for solutions and inventing new ways to continue working. Now t’s time to respect the medical staff which sacrifices themselves to save lives. All we should do is staying at home. Later on when this is behind us, we will start creating again.
Photo: Alessandro Ghirelli
What are you doing to remain positive?
I don’t need to maintain positivity, I am positive.
There’s nothing to cry about. Ths world has given us a lot and now it’s on us to dream and imagine a new future without crying over the past.

How do you see life after coronavirus?

It will be fun to start again from scratch.

Photo: Alessandro Ghirelli

This time “at home” is also a time for reflections. Do you think it will create some change in how we work and live our future? 

We have been always growing exponentially, but for now without financial and tax benefits, we have often worked flat, without being able to save any money. Our exponential growth has always been risky. Through what’s happening now,  I think many of us have understood that we need to create a business model that is less risky. In the end, we are an engine for tourism and we make people happy.

What would be your personal message for your colleagues and other hospitality people around the world?

My only thought right now is related to health, and to looking back at everything we were able to create while we were healthy. If you are healthy, you can create, if you are not healthy, you have f…..g nothing! So stay and home and after this, let your fantasy fly to recreate something new again.

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