Tokuyoshi supports #milanononsiferma, remaining open and launching a Tokuyoshi aperitivo

The spread of coronavirus in Northern Italy has created lots of panic between the people. As a result, many restaurants remained empty. Although some of the Michelin starred restaurants in Milano received some cancellations as well they have decided to stay open  to welcome the guests who still keep eating out. Between them is Ristorante Tokuyoshi by chef-owner Yoji Tokuyoshi, which reopened in the beginning of February after 3 months closure for refurbishment to shine brighter than ever. “We are taking all the required hygiene measures as advised, but we have decided not to let us scare by the situation,” says Yoji Tokuyoshi. Tokuyoshi will not only stay open these days but will also launch his aperitivo.

The new look and feel

The project of the refurbished Tokuyoshi was directed by the Milanese architectural studio Progetto e Paesaggio. The dining room is still painted in a colour much loved by Tokuyoshi: green, to represent the relationship with nature as a point of reference for his philosophy. The feeling is that of entering the woods: green walls, recycled copper panels that resemble tree trunks, elements in stone from Valtellina, Lombardy, and rosewood tables. The dining room is divided between the classic seating for two or four guests, and the exclusive 6-seat Chef’s Table overlooking the kitchen that provides its diners with the Chef’s undivided attention.

Duck and snails by Yoji Tokuyoshi

Furthermore, a new initiative that Tokuyoshi has decided to bring to his restaurant is the Convivial Table, perfect for groups of up to eight people, and social souls with the desire to share a moment with like-minded.

The dining room leads us into another novelty of the reopening, a new ambience; the Salon, where the colours and the atmosphere change. Wrapped in blue from the walls to the seats, the Salon offers a festive tranquility similar to that of the aquatic world. Velvet-dressed vintage armchairs and sofas create the perfect environment to pamper ten lucky guests with sweets, coffee and digestives.

Aperitivo at Tokuyoshi


Come mid-March, Ristorante Tokuyoshi opens its doors to its gourmet aperitivo. The Salon, with its ten seats, will be the frame to this long-awaited moment of the day. The dedicated time frame will be from 17.45 to 20.00, Tuesday through Saturday. Guests can choose an excellent glass of wine or a delicious cocktail served with new small delights, but also with some of the most well-known Tokuyoshi appetizers, such as Pane, Burro e Alici, or the salty Sicilian Cannolo.

“In my opinion, the ‘aperitivo’ is one of the most Milanese concepts ever. I want to offer an aperitivo that reflects both the Italian cuisine of Ristorante Tokuyoshi, and what the sophisticated Milanese is looking for: a different, original, and non-trivial gastronomic offer. It is important for me because no matter how small my restaurant is, I want to dedicate this space, the Salon, to a new concept and to a new clientele“ says Yoji Tokuyoshi.

Tartar, amberjack and caviar by Yoji Tokuyoshi

Nothing is left to chance, the attention to detail in the cuisine is equally present in the drink’s proposal. In addition to the selection of red or white wines, bubbles and sake, the Tokuyoshi aperitivo will offer its original cocktails. From Fermented Cosmopolitan to Kombucha Gin Tonic with seasonal kombucha of its own production; everything is carefully selected. The price of this introduction to Yoji Tokuyoshi’s Italian cuisine will be 30 euros per person. Ristorante Tokuyoshi also offers the possibility to request the ambience in exclusivity at an additional cost. Bookings are accepted by email and by phone.


But why not continue with dinner?

Ristorante Tokuyoshi proposes the Italian cuisine Yoji Tokuyoshi’s way: an Italian cuisine interpreted with the eye and philosophy of a Japanese, the merging of two cultures aimed at innovation. His cuisine takes a starting point in his ideas, his knowledge acquired as Massimo Bottura’s sous-chef and, above all, his creativity brought to life through Italian ingredients and the craftsmanship and techniques of his native culture.


Cowhide cheese cake by Yoji Tokuyoshi

In order to savour Chef Tokuyoshi’s cuisine, the restaurant offers a tasting menu, Omakase, of about eight courses suitable for those who want to have a complete experience, and, in addition, a small à la carte menu. If you have a chance, book your seat at the counter to enjoy watching your dishes being prepared in front of you. It is always an unforgettable experence!

Yoji Tokuyoshi owns also the restaurant Alter Ego in Tokyo. Alter Ego remains open as well.

Bookings for +390284254626 or by email


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